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My name is Lucy Pearson and I’m a 25 year old lover of all things literature living and working in London. Beauty PR by day, bookworm by night I set myself the challenge of working my way through the Top 100 BBC Reads by the eve of my 26th birthday. And with said event just weeks away and just 39 of the 100 books ticked off my list I’ve allowed myself a leeway of a year (or two) in order to complete my challenge.

And so here I am, slightly hungover, on New Year’s Day 2012, and I’m setting myself twelve months’ of book related challenges; from writing reviews to tackling books I’ve previously struggled with, The Unlikely Bookworm Blog will follow the highs and the lows of my reading marathon with  rants and muses along the way. As well as selecting books from the Top 100 BBC Reads you will also find me with books recommended by friends, family and colleagues, anything written by Daphne Du Maurier or set in France or a well thumbed book with a mysterious looking front cover.

I am frequently found in the fiction section of Waterstones, rifling through shelves in dusty second-hand bookshops or in the corner of a coffee shop with my nose in a book.

I would love to hear from fellow bookworms and you can contact me here.

10 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Alexander S. Flesh said:

    Dear Lucy:

    Your Uncle Mike put me on to you, and I am enjoying reading about your Holy Grail of digesting the top hundred books—a worthy and exciting challenge.

    We have met on several occasions and are “shirtail” relatives: I’m the American married to Beryl, your Aunt Angela’s sister. We live in Sanibel, Florida and come to Eastbourne in the summer; in fact, we saw you at Mike and Angela’s home this past summer. along with your mother Prue and Anthony.

    i, too, am a blogger and have written on sundry subjects since March 2009. I’ve written 254 blogs in that time. If you would care to sample my blogs, I write under the name of fleshpotflashes.blogspot.com.

    In any case, I will follow your brave new world of books with pleasure. Having read in English literature, I’m a bit of a bookworm, as well.

    Keep up the good work. Beryl joins me in warm regards.


    Alex Flesh

    • Hi Alex,

      What a lovely message to come home to after a very grey day in London! Of course I remember you – I’m sure we’ve talked about books on many occasions, my favourite being Gone With the Wind! It certainly is a Holy Grail of books to get through, but as I love reading I’m finding it so much fun. I’ll absolutely have a look at your blog as well. Do let me know if you (or Beryl) have any books to recommend so I can give them a read as well.

      Lots of love to you both xx

  2. Alexander S. Flesh said:

    The closest thing to “the great American novel” is “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, my personal favourite. They have made two films of it (Alan Ladd, then Robert Redford as Gatsby), both of which missed the mark. I understand a new version with Leonard DiCaprio is in work. Fitzgerald at his best writes poetic prose to raise goose bumps on your skin. It is a must read and a book for the ages.

  3. To whom it may concern:

    My name is James Conrad and I have written a novel called The Ideal Man, about twenty-nine-year-old Grace Watts, who is feeling stifled in her marriage to David Watts, a successful real estate agent. He is financially secure, but is insensitive, unimaginative, sexually inept and sometimes cruel. As Grace seeks meaning in her life, David becomes annoyed at what he considers “erratic behavior” and frustrated that his wife refuses to let anybody dominate her. Furthermore, he is tempted by the affections of Lana Dyson, his colleague from the real estate agency who is waiting for his increasingly fragile marriage to disintegrate so that she can have him all to herself. However, Grace remains with him because she has a fear of being alone.

    Grace crosses paths with Anthony Parris, an artist who opts for one-night stands because of a fear of intimacy. She becomes disgusted when she sees him in the arms of many different women, but when she unwittingly attends one of his exhibitions, she becomes increasingly drawn to him herself. In turn, Anthony learns that Grace is a dependable confidant. As David begins to let Grace down more and more, Anthony proves – much to her surprise – to be a strong ally. But will he believe her when she expresses her feelings for him?

    The book is published by Fine Tooth Press and has been in print since November 14, 2011. It is also available for the Nook and soon will be made available for Amazon’s Kindle. I would love to ask, what steps should I take to secure a review with your website? Please let me know. I thank you much for your time and consideration. The link to where the book can be purchased is enclosed below, and on that page you will find the page count, price, ISBN and all other relevant information. An electronic copy of the book can be made available upon request.


    Thanks again,
    James Conrad

    P.S. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @RealJamesConrad

  4. Hey Lucy,
    I know we don’t know each other, but I was browsing the SYP’s Fb page and somehow ran into you (and other people who seem to be members of it, I assume) then got to your blog.
    Before joining SYP I thought of asking around a bit, how is it like to be a member – and more than that, do you ever manage to go to their events and stuff? To me, this would be a lil’ problem as I live in Portsmouth, but I could make it to London from time to time.
    Thanks so much and I’m looking forward for hearing from you, as I’m not sure yet on whether to do it or not.

    • Hi Anca,
      I’m so sorry for taking so long to get back to you – I haven’t had a chance to blog for ages! I would definitely reccommend joining the SYP if you’re interested in publishing as it’s a great way to meet people, find out more about the industry and do a bit of networking. Obviously most of the events are held in London (or Oxford) but you also get newsletters and regular emails so I think it’d be worth joining. if you got any more questions feel free to email me at theunlikelybookworm@hotmail.co.uk xx

  5. Just wanna say you have a pretty cool blog going :)

  6. Lucy,
    I have been reading your blog for a while now – and I’m subscribed now! – I absolutely love how you write. You voice is both charming, witty, and honest. I am also a 20-something. I was hoping to do an author interview with you if you are available. I am at shannonathompson@aol.com. Please feel free to contact me.
    Thank you,

    Shannon A. Thompson

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