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Given my extended stay in Bali, it seemed that no sooner had I stepped off the plane – and straight into the office – that I was leaving on Friday lunch time for another intense weekend of Power Living teacher training. It being a sweltering 42 degrees on the Friday, suffice to say the studio was rather sweaty, despite it being something of a cool relief from the scorching sun outside.

The focus of the weekend was to learn the art of assisting; how to manoeuvre students’ bodies to first and foremost ensure that they’re safe; and then to enhance and inspire them to reach a deeper pose. There are a number of different techniques that can be used – and over the weekend we discovered how best to use our hands depending on the student, the pose, and what part of their body needed to be adjusted.

On top of learning the actual logistics, we did a lot of partner exercises – the aim of which was to quickly create a foundation of trust and understanding; both of which are integral parts of the assisting process. Much of what we’ve learnt over the past eight weeks started to fall into place as we adjusted each other’s poses; the muscles and bones which seemed so alien to me all those weeks ago began to take substance, and it’s an empowering feeling being able to turn that knowledge into wisdom.

It was our last weekend with Jase before he leaves for New Zealand and was thus bittersweet in its ending. He has been a tremendous part of our teacher training and has had a bigger effect on us than he knows. We got him a framed photograph of us all with him on retreat as a leaving present and even though many of us are hoping to attend one of his final few classes before he leaves, saying goodbye was no less hard.

It dawned on me how close we were to the end of teacher training, and how huge a hole will be left in its absence. While I’ll no doubt revel in my new found freedom; and enjoy leisurely lie-ins and weekends spent lounging on the beach with neither a care in the world nor the burden of anatomy revision, I will miss our routine and our intricate little family – made up of a crazy cast of characters who’ve bonded over a love for yoga and Cali-Press smoothies. It’s been an incredible journey for us all – the highs have been high; the lows have been low – and with our final teacher training weekend looming, I intend to savour every last second.

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