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Ulysses – James Joyce

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In hindsight, leaving Ulysses for the penultimate read from my BBC Big Read challenge wasn’t the wisest decision. I was very aware of the book’s reputation; despite being hailed by novelist Anthony Burgess as the greatest novel of the 20th century; it has also been described by the Guardian – and indeed many of its would-be readers […]

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The Magus – John Fowles


  I had all but written off the final five of the BBC Big Read. With the exception of Lord of the Rings – a book I hope to enjoy given its top ranking on the list – the remaining four certainly didn’t fill me with joy. Two of them were sic-fi; a genre that I don’t […]

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Qualifying as a yoga teacher with Power Living


If you’d told me a year ago I’d be living in Sydney having just received my official qualification as a yoga teacher with Power Living, I would have reacted with mild hysteria at the thought of ever leaving my beloved home, family and friends behind in London, and bemusement at the mention of Power Living – […]

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Magician – Raymond E Feist

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Since moving to Sydney, I buy most of my books from Gertrude & Alice – a gorgeous bookstore by Bondi beach whose food menu is as appetising as its book selection. However, when I stopped by recently to buy one of the final novels I have yet to read from the BBC Top 100 – […]

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Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

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  When it came to the final six books I had left to read on the BBC Top 100, Brave New World was the shortest, and thus the easiest one to chose as my next read. While it didn’t sound like the kind of novel I’d usually be interested in, at less than 300 pages its […]

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Watership Down – Richard Adams

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A number of children’s favourites feature on the BBC Big Read – many of which I enjoyed as a child. From Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree, to The Chronicles of Narnia and some of Roald Dahls’ best loved books, revisiting them as I worked my way through the list of a hundred books has […]

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Gormenghast – Mervyn Peake

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I was speaking to someone at work the other day about the books I had left to read from the BBC Top 100, and bemoaned the fact that all of them – with the exception of Ulysees, which I very much doubt will be an easy read – fall under the sci-fi or fantasy genre. […]

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Let’s Go Surfing


When my alarm went off at 5am yesterday morning I rolled over and quickly hit snooze. I had arranged to meet some friends at the beach to take part in a pre-work surfing lesson dressed as santa – as you do – but having tossed and turned for most of the night, I was in […]

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Sydney’s Best Bookshops

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As something of a seasoned bookworm, it has been with much delight that I have found myself living in a new city with an abundance of independent bookshops.  While much of the little free time I’ve had since arriving in Sydney has been spent either in the yoga studio or on the beach, browsing the shelves […]

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Power Living Graduation Weekend


  And so it is over; after much blood, sweat, and many many tears, our yoga teacher training has come to an end. Our graduation weekend not only marked the end of our time teacher training with Power Living, but the anniversary of a wonderful first three months of Sydney-side living. As the queen of […]

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