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The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin


Prior to reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, I came across a negative comment, which mentioned Rubin’s apparent wealth, perfect family and Manhattan apartment, as if to say that being in possession of the aforementioned make her project somehow less worthwhile. I found the argument a futile one. Much like when people are unsympathetic towards […]

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The End of an Era


It seems rather apt that my last day working on the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction brought with it the kind of looming grey skies and relentless rain more suited to a Dickensian winter in London, than one of the last days in August during what was promised to be one of the hottest summers on […]

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The Sea Between Us – Emylia Hall


There are few authors whose novels I look forward to as much I do Emylia Hall’s. I read, and adored, her debut – The Book of Summers – a few years ago, eagerly awaited her second – A Heart Bent out of Shape, and was then thrilled to hear via Twitter that she was spending […]

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Atlantis Books

Three weeks prior to my impending move to Australia I spent seven sunny days in Santorini. Beloved by many for its whitewashed, cubic houses and blue-domed churches that overlook the Aegean sea, the island’s beautiful village of Oia offers picture-perfect sunsets to thousands of tourists every year. And while the main aim of the holiday was to […]

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A Fortunate Age – Joanna Rakoff


Exactly a year ago, I reviewed a memoir called My Salinger Year; written by Joanna Rakoff, it was an account of her year working as assistant to J. D Salinger’s literary agent and a charming take on literary New York in the 1990s. Thus, on hearing that Rakoff was to publish a debut novel, I was […]

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Australia: A Series of Firsts


I recently wrote a somewhat melancholy post on the agony and ecstasy of leaving London, in which I spoke about all the goodbyes I would be saying over the coming weeks and the colossal sadness that will accompany said farewells. And thus, following on from a comment my Aunty Kate made on the post, in which […]

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The Art of Travel Writing


With my impending move to Sydney just a matter of weeks away, I attended a travel writing workshop on Saturday, with a view to hone and develop my travel writing skills so that I might venture into the world of travel blogging while in Australia. Run by Peter Carty, who, as founding editor of Time […]

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Leaving London: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 13.59.44

I stole the title of this post from one of my favourite episodes of Sex and the City; in which its central character, Carrie Bradshaw, finally called time on her relationship with Big after the highs and the lows that came with it became too much to bear. And while I’m not in the throws of […]

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Love Your Bookshop


In celebration of Australia’s National Bookshop Day, I thought I’d write about my favourite bookshop I visited while in Sydney. Often, when one goes on holiday, it’s with an itinerary in hand; a list of sites they want to see, restaurants at which they wish to dine; hot-spots they hope to visit. When visiting Sydney in February, however, […]

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Can We Live Here? – Sarah Alderson


Six weeks before beginning my Australian adventure; packing up my life in London and venturing into the unknown, I read Can We Live Here? – a travel memoir by novelist Sarah Alderson who did exactly that. Bored of the daily commute, mortgage repayments and mercilessly saving for an annual family holiday, Alderson and her husband […]

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