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Review: The Ethical Carnivore – Louise Gray

  I’ve never been a big meat eater. I was quite a picky eater as a child – particularly when it came to animals – and no doubt used to be quite a challenge to feed for anyone who wasn’t aware of my peculiar preferences. I’d eat sausages but not pork or bacon, mince – […]

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A Girl Down Under: In Which A New Chapter Begins

And so, 2017 is here; and with it the end of a year that has been brutal yet brilliant on both a personal and global level. 2016 was my first full year living in Sydney; and while it’s been one in which I’ve put down roots; cemented friendships, and gained sponsorship to stay in Australia indefinitely, it […]

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A Literary Look Back on The Year That Was 2016

Most years have some kind of bookish significance for me; whether it’s the year in which I landed my dream role at the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction, the year which saw me start my blog, the year I began my BBC Top 100 Challenge; or simply a year during which I stumbled across a […]

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Review: The Good People – Hannah Kent

It was while I was working for the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction that I first came across Australian author Hannah Kent, whose debut novel Burial Rites was shortlisted for the award. As a book blogger, working on the prize was nothing short of a dream, and the shortlist readings – during which I was […]

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Review: The Last American Man – Elizabeth Gilbert

I’ve been a big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert’s ever since I read Eat Pray Love – her bestselling memoir that followed her post-divorce journey as she ate, prayed and loved her way through Indonesia, Italy and India. Having since read both Big Magic and Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It – both of which were […]

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Review: The River at Night – Erica Ferencik

  After finishing American Psycho, I was keen to read something that would offer a sense of escapism – and a great deal less gore than I had become accustomed to while reading Brett Eaton Ellis’s most notorious tale. And so, for my next story I chose The River at Night; American writer Erica Ferencik’s debut […]

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Six of the Best: American Greats

  With the recent results of the American Election, and the consequential fall-out the world over, it’s fair to say that the US of A has lost its favour many. A country I’ve had a long distance literary love affair with since I was a young girl, while Trump’s presidency may not be the county’s finest hour, […]

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Review: American Psycho – Bret Easton Ellis

My lovely friend Ben recommended I read American Psycho while he was visiting Sydney from Chicago last summer; I bought a copy soon after he left in January but it wasn’t until the approach to Hallowe’en that I decided to read it. Little did I know how apt my timing would be; and that I would […]

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Six of the Best: Haunting Tales

Growing up, there were few things I loved more than a good ghost story. From sleepovers with friends in which we’d share scary stories, to reading my way through as many R.L Stine’s and Point Horror’s as I could stomach, littlewould trump a dark and stormy night curled up under the covers with a horror story. […]

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Six of the Best: Non-Fiction Reads

  On the whole, novels tend to be my thang. I am often aghast with my dad, who almost point-blank refuses to read fiction, instead opting for books that add to his seemingly endless fountain of knowledge. But as I get older, and my reading tastes broaden and grow, I have begun to venture further into […]

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