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Black Rabbit Hall – Eve Chase

The blurb of Eve Chase’s debut is the type that seduces its reader before the book is even opened. Set in an idyllic Cornish home – from which the novel gets its name – in Black Rabbit Hall nothing much happens, until the very worst thing does and the lives of its inhabitants are changed forever. The tale is […]

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In My House – Alex Hourston

The more I read, the more the publishing world changes; the more imperative a novel’s opening becomes. In an era where online articles are both plentiful and free, and kindle users have thousands of books at their fingertips should their first choice not satisfy their literary needs, a strong beginning is crucial. Thus, for that […]

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Disclaimer – Renee Knight

Despite having set myself a rather strict reading schedule this year, consisting of the BBC’s Top 100, the Baileys Prize shortlist, and very little else, of late I’ve found myself veering from the path. A recent article in Stylist Magazine reviewing the latest wave of thrilling page-turners by women writers proved too much to resist and […]

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The Paying Guests – Sarah Waters

The second book I read from the Baileys Prize shortlist was The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters. Prior to Sarah appearing on a writing panel at the Southbank last summer, I hadn’t yet heard of her so I had few expectations when beginning The Paying Guests. The story is set in Camberwell; the year is 1922 […]

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The Stand – Stephen King

Prior to reading The Stand, the only other book of Stephen King’s I had read was On Writing – part guide, part memoir, it had been recommended to me on a residential writing retreat I attended a couple of years ago. And whether it was the length of On Writing, or my pre-conceived notion of […]

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Dracula – Bram Stoker

    Not one to do things by halves, on top of setting myself the challenge to have finished the Top 100 BBC Reads by the end of the year, I’ve also joined two books clubs; one at work which is to meet once a month, one with a group of friends, which – thankfully […]

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Life Drawing – Robin Black

Similar to writer’s block, there are times when, as a reader, I seem to hit a wall. This happened recently; I half-heartedly began a number of books but, unable to feign interest, discarded them within a few days. And for someone whose favourite past-time is reading, it can be hugely frustrating. Luckily, I was to […]

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Black Chalk – Christopher J Yates

They say never judge a book by its cover, and never has the case been truer than with Black Chalk – indeed when I first saw a copy of Christopher J Yates’ debut novel I immediately thought it was more of a ‘boys book’, and consequently had no huge desire to read it. It was […]

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The Silent Wife – A. S. A. Harrison

Having spent the best part of two weeks reading the mammoth A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth, I was keen for the next book I read to be significantly shorter.  And thus I began The Silent Wife – a New York Times bestseller and the first novel by Toronto-based A. S. A. Harrison who had […]

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A Heart Bent out of Shape – Emylia Hall

Last year, shortly after I began my blog, I was lucky enough to read and review Arvon Alumni Emylia Hall’s debut novel – The Book of Summers. What followed was something of an obsession, in which I recommended the book to anyone who would listen, and quite probably more besides. I gave it to numerous […]

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