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The LA Edit: Adventure Awaits in the Hollywood Hills

Both my nearest and dearest and readers of this blog will know all-too-well of my love for the land down under. My time here has had been anything but smooth-sailing, but despite it all; the heartaches, the humiliations, the horrible bosses and the homesickness, my love for Sydney – and my home in Bondi – […]

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On The End Of My Three Month Adventure

The dawn sky is streaked with pink and I can hear the sounds of Waikiki coming to life outside my window. I’ve barely slept; the combination of a post-wedding come-down, the first night I’ve been alone in weeks; the nervous anticipation of returning home proving to be an unsettling one. It’s exactly three months since I […]

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The Bali Edit: On Bidding Goodbye to Paradise

Today is my last in Bali after just shy of three months here. I fly to Hawaii in tomorrow’s early hours for a friend’s wedding before finally returning to Bondi, having left in March – though it feels like a lifetime has passed. This morning the weather matched my melancholy mood; after saying a gut-wrenching goodbye to […]

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The Bali Edit: A Cancelled Visa & a Lesson in Stillness

I knew it was coming; it was simply a matter of time. Ever since I walked out of my job at the end of January I’ve been in a state of flux, unable to work; not yet in a position to apply for defacto with my boyfriend – on a sponsored visa; yet one that was […]

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The Bali Edit: A Spiritual Awakening in Ubud

  It’s impossible to go untouched by the magic of Bali. Particularly in Ubud; its very core is a spiritual one. The scented streets, the daily offerings, the jungle greens that surround this space; the endless rice paddies, the hazy sun rises – the sunsets that swamp the town in an effervescent glow. A mecca […]

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Dealing with Death While Abroad

This story is an old one; it happened before the days of Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook. Contact was limited to the garish lights of internet cafes, where faded notes were exchanged for fuzzy phone calls, emails were sporadic; photos unfiltered. I was nineteen, naive and entitled with big dreams of travelling the world; bigger dreams […]

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The World’s Best Bookstores

Whenever I go abroad, there are few things I like better than hunting out a new, local bookstore. From multi-floored stores with endless rows of books offering every genre imaginable, to hidden havens of dog-eared tales nestled among crooked shelves, there’s a faint magic in discovering a city’s literary hideaway. Whether a dedicated bookworm or someone with […]

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6 Things Moving Abroad Has Taught Me

Having just passed my eighteen month anniversary in Australia, I thought now would be an appropriate time to reflect on my journey thus far, and write about the things that moving abroad has taught me; the good the bad and the ugly. I’ve already written in depth about what life has been life for me […]

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Pack Your Carry-On: Books for Every Type of Traveller

Books for Travellers

Whether you’re heading to faraway lands in search of adventure, jetting off on a city break for a weekend of cosmopolitan culture, or simply searching for some sunshine and a glistening cliff-side pool, a good read is always a welcome companion. From the adventure seekers to the big dreamers, here are some of the very best bookss for […]

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Melbourne’s Best: Brunch Spots & Bookshops

What Melbourne lacks in beaches, it makes up for with its bustling CBD and arts offering. Often referred to as Australia’s cultural capital, its coffee scene is world-famous and the city boasts exhibitions and eateries galore. On a recent trip to Australia’s most sustainable city, I sought to source some of the best places for brunch and the […]

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