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Review: The Toy Maker – Liam Pieper

  Despite having finished the BBC Top 100 a matter of months ago – a challenge I set myself with the sole purpose to expand my reading repertoire – I have since reverted to my reading ways of old; indulging in long-forgotten favourites I haven’t have the time to read until recently, re-reading best-loved books from days gone […]

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The Art of Travel Writing

With my impending move to Sydney just a matter of weeks away, I attended a travel writing workshop on Saturday, with a view to hone and develop my travel writing skills so that I might venture into the world of travel blogging while in Australia. Run by Peter Carty, who, as founding editor of Time […]

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My Australian Wish List

With just a month to go until I land on Australia’s golden shores, I thought I’d put together a wish-list for my time there. As a lover of lists, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with the ticking-off of tasks and one works one’s way through a tally of to-dos. From reading, to writing, to exploring […]

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On Writing – Stephen King

As both an aspiring writer and an avid reader, I face constant battle over whether to dedicate the little spare time that I have to either reading or writing. That much of the past few months were spent training for the London Marathon has left precious little time for me to indulge in two of […]

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Life Drawing – Robin Black

Similar to writer’s block, there are times when, as a reader, I seem to hit a wall. This happened recently; I half-heartedly began a number of books but, unable to feign interest, discarded them within a few days. And for someone whose favourite past-time is reading, it can be hugely frustrating. Luckily, I was to […]

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Precious Thing – Colette McBeth

As an avid writer myself, I’m always keen to read debut novels by authors who have participated in writing courses such as those on offer by The Arvon Foundation or The Faber Academy. And so, I was interested to discover that Colette McBeth, author of Precious Thing, had attended Faber Academy’s Novel Writing Course in […]

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How to Get Published

Since completing Nano Wrimo in November – which entailed writing 50,000 words in the space of a month, my own writing endeavour has somewhat stalled. A number of factors have contributed – a lack of inspiration, flailing self-belief, and an overwhelming pile of books that I’m trying to read my way through. And so, in […]

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In recent weeks, there has been something of a radio silence on my blog. While I wish I could blame the influx of festive invites and social sojourns, my lack of blogging is due, in entirety, to my partaking in this year’s NanoWrimo. To those who haven’t heard of NanoWrimo it is thus: the challenge […]

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On Black Sisters’ Street – Chika Unigwe

On our third evening at The Hurst, The Arvon Foundation’s scenic centre in Shropshire, we were lucky enough to have writer Chika Unigwe as a guest speaker. Nigerian Chika now resides in Belgium with her husband and four children and is the winner of the 2003 BBC Short Story Competition, A Commonwealth Short Story Award […]

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Murder Your Darlings

One of the things I learnt about myself during my time at The Arvon Foundation was that I have a tendency to over-write. During my one-to-one tutorials with both Diana and Patrick, I was advised by them both not to ‘over-egg’ my writing; indeed Patrick quite charmingly put it that he felt like he was […]

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