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Review: The Painted Ocean – Gabriel Packard

I was recommended Gabriel Packard’s debut The Painted Ocean by Jayne from Girl Tweets World shortly after reading A Little Life, so it’s been on my radar for a while. Prior to a quick trip to Singapore I was almost entirely out of books, and understandably thrilled when my friend Emma – who I met for brunch […]

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Six of the Best: Brilliant Travel Bloggers

Favourite Bloggers

As a freelance writer with no-one to answer to, I have a predisposition to procrastinate. While I love a good to-do list – and indeed often find myself buying unnecessary (but beautiful) notepads in which to pen said lists – it’s often the ticking off of tasks that falls by the wayside. And as a […]

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Six Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog

Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog

Blogging tips: there are hundreds to be found. From creating great content, to enrolling in online blogging courses and beyond, the internet is awash with ways in which to improve one’s blog. And as both an avid reader and writer, I’ve been known to spend hours upon hours reading article after article on sure-fire ways […]

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5 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

Of late, I’ve spoken to a couple of friends and colleagues who have been debating whether or not they should start a blog. And while it’s all too easy to list off a long line of reasons why *not* to start blogging – you have neither the time, the energy, nor the desire to sacrifice untold hours towards […]

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The Grounds of Alexandria

My first brunch as a Sydney-dweller was at the Grounds of Alexandria just days after stepping off the plane. And today I’m passing it over to one of my very favourite bloggers, Jayne Gorman from Girl Tweets World to tell you why it’s a must-visit for anyone down under. One of my favourite (not so secret) […]

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Summertime in Sydney

Since arriving in Sydney just over five months ago, I’ve been lucky enough to have a number of visitors – my gorgeous friend Chloe, two of my best friends Eleanor and Sarah, and most recently my little sister Jojo and her best friend KC – who left today for Singapore. It’s given me ample opportunity […]

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