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Yoga Teacher Training: A Year On



I still remember with absolute clarity my first day of yoga teacher training. It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since I first stepped foot in Power Living and what was to become one of the most magical and transformational journeys of my life was at its very birth.

I had been in Australia just shy of a fortnight, and was barely beginning to find my feet when I walked the short distance from my apartment to the studio in the early morning sunshine a year ago today. I made sure I was dressed the part in my Teeki tights and Lulu Lemon tank; and was accompanied by my eye-wateringly expensive yoga mat that soon proved totally useless when I discovered it was hot yoga I was training in; a factor I had somehow missed when both signing up and paying for the six month course.

I have blogged previously about how much I learnt, about how life-changing teacher training was, about how I simply cannot imagine what my life would be like had I not signed up for the course; had I not been welcomed with open arms into the community I now hold so close to my heart, had I not met the people I did, nor built the friendships I have. I often ponder how very different things may have turned out had a different studio topped the Google search results when I naively typed ‘yoga teacher training Bondi beach’ into my lap top all those months ago.

And so, a year has passed since that very first day, and, as always, it has not been without its bumps, its heartaches and its highs. I’m still yet to teach my first class; I’m still yet to master an unaided headstand; but what I have learnt – and what is perhaps the most important lesson of all – is that both of these are OK. Life is, and will continue to be, messy; but we were taught during our teacher training to find comfort in discomfort; to find solace in uncertainty and to know that, ultimately, nothing is permanent.

It’s been a rocky ride of late, and I remain forever thankful to my yoga teacher training for instilling in me not only a love for yoga and a Sydney-side family, but also a thirst and a hunger for being the best person I can be, and an unwavering hope for the future.

I came out of a yoga practise on Friday sweaty and sore to be greeted by a sea of faces filtering into the second studio, eager and perplexed as they begun their own teacher training journey. Little do they know the magic that awaits.


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